Appointments at Baltic Connector Oy

Appointments at Baltic Connector Oy


Baltic Connector Oy has made the following personnel appointments.

Arja Koski (48) has been appointed in the company as Procurement Director with an effect from 1 December 2016. During the last four years Arja Koski has worked as a Managing Consultant and helped clients e.g. to develop procurement and demand-driven supply chain, improve overall business performance, implement market-driving strategies as well as to improve the customer and employee experience. Prior to this, she has worked more than 15 years in the oil and energy sector. During those years, she was leading e.g. Fortum Group’s EHS unit as well as the business unit focusing on procurement and construction of onshore and offshore wind power projects and wave power.

Ilkka Taka-aho (52) will take up his duties in the company as Project Manager, Onshore & Compressor Station on 13 December 2016.

Eero Isoranta (62) started in the company as Project Manager, Offshore on 18 October 2016.

Jouko Kinnunen (58) started in the company as Manager, HSEQ on 1 December 2016.

Tuula Lamberg (51) will take up her duties in the company as Engineering Manager on 2 January 2017.

Arto Korpela (56) started in the company as Manager, Operations on 1 November 2016.

Cea Mittler (28) started in the company as Project Coordinator on 1 November 2016.


Baltic Connector Oy is a state-owned company established in 2015. Its task is to implement Finland’s part of the Balticconnector gas pipeline project. The Balticconnector is a bi-directional gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia that will connect the gas networks of Finland and the Baltic countries.

The Finnish state owned company Baltic Connector Oy and the Estonian transmission network company Elering AS are responsible for the construction of the Balticconnector gas pipeline. The estimated total investment cost is EUR 250 million and 75 per cent of this amount will be co-funded by the European Commission. The interconnecting pipeline is expected to be completed by 2020.


Herkko Plit, President and CEO, Baltic Connector Oy, tel. +358 50 462 0788

Tom Främling, Project Director, Baltic Connector Oy, tel. +358 50 326 2918

Appointments at Baltic Connector Oy