Balticconnector offshore pipeline completed on schedule

The Balticconnector project’s offshore pipeline has been completed. Of the five worksites of the project, the offshore pipeline was the first one to reach completion.

The approximately 77 kilometres long bidirectional offshore pipeline runs from Inkoo to Paldiski, located about 50 kilometres west of Tallinn. Environmental considerations, the seabed’s formation, ship routes, and crossing structures were taken into account during the planning stage of the pipeline. The concrete-coated pipeline installed on the seabed has been partly covered with quarry stones.

Pressure tests have been carried out for the offshore pipeline, followed by emptying and drying the pipe to enable gas transmission. The planned service life of the pipeline is 50 years.

“Completing the offshore pipeline work on schedule is an excellent example of the good cooperation between all parties. I would especially like to thank the neighbours living near the worksite for their cooperation,” says Tom Främling, Project Director.

The Balticconnector gas pipeline is due to be commissioned by the end of 2019.

“The expertise and ambition of our personnel and partners ensure that everything will be ready for gas to flow between Finland and Estonia at the end of 2019. The completion of the offshore pipeline is one of the most important milestones in the journey towards opening the gas market,” maintains Herkko Plit, the President and CEO of Baltic Connector Oy.

Once completed, Balticconnector will connect the gas infrastructures of Finland and Estonia and enable the opening of the countries’ gas markets in practice.

Further information:
Tom Främling, Project Director, tel. +358 50 326 2918
President and CEO, Herkko Plit, tel. +358 50 462 0788

Balticconnector offshore pipeline completed on schedule 5.8.2019