Compressor station’s topping-out ceremony celebrates timely progress of construction work

The topping-out ceremony and the progress of construction work were celebrated at the Balticconnector project’s compressor and metering station worksite in Inkoo. The topping-out ceremony was held for the worksite personnel on 7 November 2018. Baltic Connector Oy’s President and CEO, Herkko Plit, was the speaker for the developer, and Nina Lindström, Managing Director of RTA Yhtiöt Oy, spoke on behalf of the builder.

“It is great to be able to celebrate the project’s next milestone. We are involved in making sure that the Finnish gas market can open at the beginning of 2020. Thanks to competent project management and capable contractors, the project has progressed on schedule. Seamless cooperation between Baltic Connector’s project management and the builder, RTA Yhtiöt, is reflected in the results of the work,” commends Herkko Plit, President and CEO of Baltic Connector Oy.

“Good workers and management have a key role to play in ensuring the success of a construction project. The compressor station boasts works management with skills refined over the years in demanding land preparation and construction sites. The worksite has been able to enjoy well-laid plans and excellent cooperation with the developer. As the main contractor, we are responsible for managing this project in accordance with its objectives. We have succeeded in this, and the topping-out ceremony is a milestone in the project’s good progress,” says Nina Lindström, Managing Director of RTA Yhtiöt Oy.

The work at the compressor station started with zone and site preparation in February 2018. Actual construction work of the compressor station began with RTA Yhtiöt in June 2018. Construction work has now progressed to a point where the foundation and structural work of the buildings are, for the most part, completed and the wall and roof units of the buildings are being installed. Process equipment and pipe installation is also underway at the worksite.

“Work has progressed according to schedule and budget. As the work has progressed, the team has become united and the cooperation between the client and the contractors functions very well,” states Mikko Ruokonen, Baltic Connector Oy’s Worksite Manager.

The buildings will be completed in March 2019 for the installation of compressor and automation equipment. After tests in autumn 2019 and once the Balticconnector project is completed, the station will start operating at the end of 2019.

Baltic Connector Oy is a state-owned company set up in 2015 to implement the Finnish part of the Balticconnector gas pipeline to be built between Finland and Estonia. When completed, Balticconnector will connect the gas networks of Finland and the Baltic countries and will enable the opening of the gas market in Finland. The EU has granted funding to cover 75% of the project, and the Balticconnector gas pipeline is due to be completed by 2020.

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Compressor station’s topping-out ceremony celebrates timely progress of construction work, 7.11.2018