Finnish Government grants consent to start pipeline construction

The Finnish Government, in its plenary session today on 21 June 2017, granted Baltic Connector Oy consent pursuant to the Act on the Exclusive Economic Zone of Finland to start constructing the Balticconnector offshore pipeline. The consent grants the permission to construct a natural gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia in the Finnish EEZ. All the required permits for the gas pipeline will be applied for during the planning stage.

“Receiving the formal consent in the government plenary session to construct the pipeline is yet another step forward. The project has major social significance, and it is important that the construction project proceeds on schedule,” says Herkko Plit, President and CEO of Baltic Connector Oy.

Baltic Connector Oy is a state-owned company set up in 2015 to implement the Finnish part of the Balticconnector gas pipeline to be built between Finland and Estonia. When completed, Balticconnector will connect the gas networks of Finland and the Baltic countries and will enable the opening of the gas market in Finland. The EU has granted funding to cover 75% of the project, and the project is due to be completed by 2020.

President and CEO, Herkko Plit, tel. +358 50 4620 788


Finnish Government grants consent to start pipeline construction, 21.06.2017