The onshore gas pipeline and the compressor station engineering contracts have been signed

The Polish ILF Consulting Engineers Polska Sp. z o.o. (ILF) have been chosen to provide the engineering services for the onshore gas pipeline and compressor station regarding the Finnish part of the Balticconnector project. The on Friday, 3 February 2017, signed contracts concerns the overall management of engineering and detail engineering of the onshore pipeline and the compressor station.

ILF has experience of several contracts regarding engineering and project management in the energy sector. They have designed several compressor stations and pipelines for natural gas transmission network in recent years in Europe. ILF is also responsible for the engineering of the offshore pipeline for the Balticconnector project.

”Now that all the key partners have been selected and the operational organisation is completed, we can carry out the implementation of the project to the greatest extent”, says Project Director Tom Främling.

Balticconnector connects the gas networks of Finland and Estonia through a 150 kilometer long bi-directional gas transmission pipeline, from which approximately 80 kilometer will be constructed offshore. The project enables the interconnection and integration of the Baltic and Finnish gas markets to EU’s internal energy markets.

The Finnish state owned company Baltic Connector Oy and the Estonian transmission network company Elering AS are responsible for the construction of the Balticconnector gas pipeline. The estimated total investment cost of the project is EUR 250 million, and 75 per cent of this amount will be co-funded by the European Commission. The interconnecting pipeline is expected to be completed by 2020.

Herkko Plit, President and CEO, Baltic Connector Oy, tel. +358 50 462 0788
Tom Främling, Project Director, Baltic Connector Oy, tel. +358 50 326 2918


The onshore gas pipeline and the compressor station engineering contracts for the gas pipeline project have been signed 3.2.2017