Yep. How many of us have sometimes thought that reporting is boring? A nuisance taking time from the things that are more important in that particular moment? I think we have all been there.

But why is reporting actually more amiable than you would first think?

First, reporting is like taking a deep dive into your colleagues’ world of expertise. When most of the things are new, you will be listening and asking questions - basically learning a lot. Eventually, all the information you have at hand will start falling into right places. You will be “translating” the expert knowledge to something that everyone, regardless their background, can get a hold off without losing the key content.

Secondly, reporting is the moment when you have a genuine chance to sit down and look back. See all the things achieved during the previous year – in good and bad. Cherish the winning moments; see what you have achieved personally, in a team and as a whole project. Even though most of this will not be written to a project report, reflecting and drawing conclusions is always valuable.

Thirdly, reporting is all about people. It gives voice to the work done by everyone involved in the project. Without people, this or any other project would not exist. Also, to coordinate the reporting is to coordinate knowledge between people – in our case within our team, between BC and Elering as well as INEA. Good relationships, communications and cooperation are the key here.

When I worked as an EU coordinator in Baltic Connector, I got a fairly thorough insight to the energy sector and running projects in this field. I saw the BC head office side; how the support functions and project preparation work and enable smooth progress. I also visited our site, where the project truly came alive. I met people working in preparing and scheduling, risk management, safety, constructing, installing and many more. They made sure in a firm and timely manner, that the project goals were reached. In INEA and EU Commission, I got to know people who were enthusiastic about the work done in the member countries, doing their best to help us to reach our goals. And I got the once in a lifetime experience too – visiting Lorelay, the pipe-laying vessel!

On the basis of what I experienced in BC, I believe that a successful project is (at least) a combination of well-planned activities, agile organisation and right people working in right places. Shaken and stirred with a good sense of humour.

Maybe reporting is not that boring after all. In the end, it is all about us and what we can achieve together.

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Tuomi-Tuulia Ervasti
Worked as an EU Coordinator in Baltic Connector between 2.1.-5.8.2019.